My Supernatural Experiences

Some time ago, I used to have an account on a site called Bubblews that paid you a cut of advertising feels based on the amount of traffic you generated. After awhile, it became apparent that the site wasn’t going to survive, so I downloaded a copy of my articles to repost on my own blog. Since my plate is a little full at the moment with work but I don’t want to leave the blog completely bare, I’m going to post this again. If anything, I would love to hear about your creepy supernatural experiences.



Many people in the atheist community are surprised when I tell them I believe ghosts exist. I think it’s because these people confuse atheism with skepticism. Atheism is a non-belief in deities while skepticism is a mode of thinking that precludes a belief in certain thing without evidence. An atheist says, “I don’t believe god(s) exists because of x,y,z reasons.” A skeptic says, “I don’t believe in x, y, z unless you can show me proof of x, y, z.”

You can be an atheist without being a skeptic and you can be a skeptic without being an atheist. The two are not conjoined. Having said that, most atheists are skeptics and I suppose it’s only natural for them to assume that, as a fellow atheist, I’m just as skeptical about everything as they are. For the most part I am.
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