Hello, I’m Devi The Human. I’m a freelance writer who spends way too much time on Twitter, eats too much sugar, and drinks too much coffee. This blog is a catchall place where I talk about my many varied interests including books, writing, gaming, game development, anime, Supernatural, Adventure Time, social issues, life, and whatever.

I used to have dreams of fame and fortune. Nowadays, I’ll settle for making a steady income doing something I enjoy, meeting cool people, and eventually buying a modest house. I’m currently developing a couple of video games, honing my fiction writing skills with the goal of self-publishing, and trying to curb my Twitter addiction.

I’m all over the Internet, but I spend a lot of time on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and RPGMaker forums. Feel free to connect on this blog, my fiction blog, or one of those places.

And since I hate writing about me pages, I’m going to awkwardly end here.

Be awesome to each other, Devi

P.S. I do use affiliate links when talking about games, shows, etc. I’ll make note when I do. You’re not obligated to make a purchase using them, but if you’re going to buy something, it’d be awesome if you did. Thanks :).


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