Twitter Breaks and Naps

deadtwitterAbout a month ago, I stopped using Twitter. I wasn’t having a very good month, and being on the site just made me feel worse. I love Twitter for the most part, because I follow some really great people who make me laugh and think. But my timeline was a constant reminder of everything wrong in the world: mass killings, racism, murdering cops, trolls, and other terrible stuff. It made it hard to focus on the good things, and I’d often leave the site feeling angry and frustrated more often than not.

Adjusting my follow list was Sisyphean battle because the negative stuff would still show up in my feed. So I logged out one day when I was feeling particularly aggravated, and I haven’t been back since. If you’ve left me messages and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry. I’m in the process of getting myself worked out and hope to be back into the swing of things in a few weeks. Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see.
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